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Session Seventy: Costume Design Was A Perfect Fit

Summary A discussion with costume designer and cosplayer Isa. We talk about processing themes in Anime as we get older, what costume designers can do in productions, and whether or not D&D continues to live up to our expectations. Follow Isa on Twitter @evilcleverdog If you enjoyed the podcast, please help us grow by leaving…More

Session Sixty-Nine: Hagsploitation and K-Pop

Summary A discussion with podcaster and TTRPG performer Josephine! We discuss why she loves horror, but doesn’t consume new media, our thoughts on how people interact with cultures not their own, and some of the deeper ways we can provide representation in gaming. Follow Joe on Twitter @scarydogfriend If you enjoyed the podcast, please help…More

Session Sixty-Eight: Levity In the Horror

Summary A discussion with Kendo, a podcaster, professional GM, and game designer. We discuss what it’s like to go through culture shock, why it’s important to allow players to have some space to breathe in a horror game, and what we’d love to see improved in D&D. Follow Kendo on Twitter @kendomakesfilms Follow Tales Yet…More

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Navaar Jackson

Navaar is a proud husband, father, and nerd. TTRPG’s have become a big part of his life, and he loves sharing it with new people. Along with this podcast, he is also delving into the world of writing and game development. Twitter – @NavaarSNP

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